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Saturday, May 9, 2015

50 Plus UFO Reports From Wisconsin To MUFON In Last 9 Months

Yes.... it's a lot... I will only bring you a portion of the cases submitted... focusing.. of course... on the interesting ones that stand out from just sighting a light in the sky for a few seconds.
We will begin with the only mention of an alien in any report.. sounds like a lot of energy and emotion here for sure.

the above from 4/2015, indicates paranormal phenomena too - seen beings

multiple lights

strange... but certainly inconclusive

happened in 2014

Hudson Wisconsin 2/28/2015
(video exceeds limit for blogger - see at my Facebook page)

(size estimated in report) 
With picture submitted below

great report above and this person also captured a excellent picture

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  1. In De Pere , at the end of Sept, about 8:30 pm. It was dark. I took my dog out for her potty. We were on the sidewalk going back to driveway. There was suddenly an Orange light over the tree next to driveway. It was about 1\2 as high as a helicopter would be. It came towards us a short way and stopped.It had small orange lights in a V, from the larger light. I could see a shadowy form of an object above and behind the lights. I watched it for probably 1-2 minutes. It was totally silent. It was a clear night, no clouds, stars were out but no moon. Suddenly it was just gone.No light, no sound, just gone. It was something I've never seen, I was quite fascinated by it, not afraid. Would love to know what it was.

  2. Thanks for your comment about your observations Betty. The structured orb phenomena is what IMO you saw... it's quite mysterious.... your observations sound a lot like many in Missouri over the last half dozen years. I go quite deeply into the orb phenomena on my main UFO blog...

  3. Thanks! Looking through the site to find the blog.Glad to know it has a name