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Thursday, June 23, 2016

2016 Monona Wisconsin Alien Wears One Piece Suit With No Belt

Hello Wisconsin - I've been concentrating on `alien' reports found in MUFON databases this past year or so. This report below comes with a drawing of the entity... drawn from memory of a 6:00 AM event on March 17th, 2016 in Monona. It is one of THREE `entity' labeled reports submitted for Wisconsin to MUFON this year. Red is always my emphasis.

 First.. the picture of the entity:
Grey like entity seen sneaking past in room reflection while back turned.

(shown below)
Long Description of Sighting Report
3 to 4 ft. tall grey like creature with pointed ears, large black eyes, small mouth and nose, in blue one piece suit with long fingers, likely less than 5. Creature was witnessed in reflection of room while back was turned apparently sneaking from hiding to staircase. Appears to have entered and left house by de-materialization or portal of some kind. I was alone in room, seeing mother out to car, father was asleep in another room. Creature vanished after that leaving no trace.
Below is a report submitted about an entity experience on February 5th 2016 in Milwaukee: ANOTHER IN THE HOME EXPERIENCE - 8:30 PM
No physical UFO spotted. I was inside my home where/where visitation occurred
 This was the full report
Long Description of Sighting Report
I have been awakened multiple times in my home by walking, knocking and come to the notice of no apparent humans. I awaken to multiple stints of de ja vu and multiple visitors to my home have physically seen apparitions, been touched, or heard disembodied voices all in the same areas of my apartment. There have also been times of my inability to speak or move while physically awake and seemingly some apparent memory loss. I feel deeply affected by these events myself also by my sudden sort of telepathic communication in past instances. This is now also blocked I must add due to my memory loss possibly, to where I now am even unable to make the slightest of decisions without thorough walk through over time sometimes. Almost a severe form of indecision or lack of judgement sometimes maybe for the best description that I can give.

And, the last and most recent report to MUFON about aliens seen in Wisconsin... on 5/28/16 @midnight - in Hayward:
Two figures were starring at me when I woke up.
Long Description of Sighting Report
I woke up at 3AM to see figures standing there near the foot of my bed. This happens to me a lot and usually I scream but this time I was going to face them. The wall had red pattern on it, did not know what that was. My husband snored away next to me and the dog was out cold. I sat up and was awake, not dreaming and a small white/light colored being stood and watched me and I was watching it to see what would happen and it skirted off to the left and was gone and a huge black form appeared, it was a Shadow Person and it is the second one I have encountered. I told it to "Leave" and it swirled into a dark smoke and disappeared. I told it I was a being of light and they were not to bother me.I did not sense they were friendly. After they left I tried to go back to sleep but I was so nauseous and had such a bad headache I had to sleep in the recliner in our living room. I was elated to have stood up and faced them though.
What is one to make of `aliens' entering and being seen by humans? In 2016. Are the entities of multiple types as seen by these Wisconsin folk? Or is some sort of reality between normal consciousness and the beyond --- possible for limited moments in some locations?

As with most topics - I've covered alien clothing before... one such instance was this one below.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

50 Plus UFO Reports From Wisconsin To MUFON In Last 9 Months

Yes.... it's a lot... I will only bring you a portion of the cases submitted... focusing.. of course... on the interesting ones that stand out from just sighting a light in the sky for a few seconds.
We will begin with the only mention of an alien in any report.. sounds like a lot of energy and emotion here for sure.

the above from 4/2015, indicates paranormal phenomena too - seen beings

multiple lights

strange... but certainly inconclusive

happened in 2014

Hudson Wisconsin 2/28/2015
(video exceeds limit for blogger - see at my Facebook page)

(size estimated in report) 
With picture submitted below

great report above and this person also captured a excellent picture

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