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Monday, December 2, 2013

Amazing 11-30-13 Daytime Metallic Basketball Sized UFO/Object Photographed Near Little Chute - MUFON Reports

As most followers of the UFO phenomena know, the unknown `objects' that are seen are of all sizes and shapes - this one quite small, and low flying. 

My wife and i were traveling southbound on Hwy 41 returning to our home in Oshkosh from Green Bay. It was late afternoon on November 30th 2013. About one mile outside of Little Chute we noticed a dark circle ahead in the distance over the highways left lane. We watched it as we got closer we realized it was completely motionless. There was a car slightly in front of me on in the left lane that i was sure was going to hit it. As we approached it the object appeared very metallic in the headlights of the car. It hovered over the highway at about 8 feet, and was approximately the size of a basketball, or slightly larger. As the car in front of me passed directly underneath it, the object did not move at all. It hovered completely motionless even when the car passed under it. This happened around 4:40 P.M. and as soon as i got home i reported it to Fox 11 news as well as some other stations. This was by far the strangest thing i have ever seen in my 33 years on the planet. Whatever this was, it was silent, motionless, metallic, and unaffected by air movement.
My assumption is that this is a real picture regardless of not mentioning taking the picture in the report. Could be anything obviously... even a chip in the window if a hoaxer is behind the report. IF it is real, it is a rare low level UFO photo. One would assume that TONS of folks had to see this (if it lasted for any length of time) ... which without further confirmation makes this report a bit weaker.
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